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In the 7th century ad, as anglo-saxon kings across britain fought for rulership, a girl named hilda was born, the niece of King Edwin of Northumbria. 

On Easter Sunday around age 13, Hilda, along with the rest of of the King's court, were baptized into Christianity through a mission of Saint Augustine of Canterbury. Hilda would go on to make her faith in Christianity central to her life, founding several monastic communities, including the most well-known community at Whitby which housed both men and women. She was considered so wise that kings and princes sought her out for advice. More about Hilda can be found here

"St. Hilda at Hartlepool" by James Clark (Oil Painting)

"St. Hilda at Hartlepool" by James Clark (Oil Painting)


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+ What is the Hilda Circle?

Just as the wisdom of Hilda of Whitby was sought after by many (including kings and princes), the Hilda Circle will be comprised of wise women within the Anglican Church of North America who will provide wisdom and insight. In particular, this group will serve as a sounding board regarding decisions and debates within the Province regarding women's eccesiastical orders and how best to empower and equip women in the church in a flourishing, biblical way.

+ What does involvement in the Hilda Circle look like?

Members of the Hilda Circle will be expected to participate in quarterly conference calls via Skype, as well as be available for one-on-one conversations with Bishops and other leaders within the Province as requested. Written thought pieces and research may also be asked of members.

+ How will the work of the Hilda Circle be highlighted?

The work of the Hilda Circle will be presented to the College of Bishops.

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