Anglican Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast


The Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast is thankful for those in our Church who desire to serve God and grow in obedience to His will and we welcome your interest in exploring the potential of a call to ordained ministry in the Diaconate or Priesthood in Christ One, Holy, Catholic Church.

To those seeking ordination, Scripture lists certain qualifications that should be noticeably present in the life of the individual.  1 Timothy 3: 1-6 states that the individual should be sound in the faith, have an ability to communicate the Gospel and teach and disciple others in the faith.  Their lives should reflect holiness and discipline which brings honor to Christ and which causes them to be well thought of by those outside the Church.  They should demonstrate wisdom and discretion and there should be visible fruit of their faith as well as public affirmation by their local congregation of their sense of call.

Clergy formation happens under the oversight of the Bishop and those he delegates to.  It is a progression of discerning, identifying, equipping, empowering and releasing of Anglican clergy to minister according to the Canons of the Anglican Church in North America and the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast.  As a Diocese we value a design of a journey that allows the Holy Spirit to work in our midst.  The credentialing process has been established to ensure character and competency of our clergy, and the ability to function effectively throughout the church community.  Our hope is that the newly ordained are formed, appropriately prepared, well-rounded and blessed by their experiences.  Everything included in this discernment season has been done with the utmost care and purpose.  This journey is corporate and involves one’s family, local faith community and diocese in mutual trust and expectancy.  It has been designed for the edification and empowering of clergy . . . not as a “to do” list. 

In addition, there are practical fundamentals that are required of our clergy as a safeguard to Diocesan church communities and the integrity of the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast and Anglican Church in North America.  They include, but are not limited to, a background check, psychological and marriage assessments, and abuse/misconduct and prevention instruction.

You will find available here on our website or by requesting via phone at 281-466-1972 or email, the Ministry Formation Checklist for the steps involved for the Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast, along with explanation of each step and necessary forms and guides that you and your Sr. Pastor/Rector will need.  There are fees /costs attached with some of the steps which are indicated in the explanation of that particular step.

In His peace,