In order for an Application to be complete, it must include all of the following items. Please click on the highlighted links to download the individual forms, or download all files (including a soft copy of the Applicant Checklist) here. We do not move an Applicant to Aspirant status until the application process is completed. All forms should be emailed to Sandy Rambach at

Application and Curriculum Vitae
Spiritual Autobiography
Bishop’s Questionnaire
Spousal Letter (if applicable)
• Sr. Pastor/Rector Recommendation Letter
• Bishop’s Meeting (in person)
• Transcripts, Certifications, Alternative Study Descriptions
• Baptism/Confirmation Info (Certificates if possible)
Ember Day Letters
Letter of Intention to Proceed



The Aspirant phase is a process of evaluation of calling.  A team of lay people meets with the Aspirant to confirm or refute the call to ordained ministry.  An experienced, certified psychological screener looks at your emotional makeup and history, in order to advise whether or not ordained ministry is recommended.  If the Aspirant is married, we require a marital assessment.  The Bishop then reviews this process for approval to proceed. An overview of the Aspirant process may be found here.  Please click on the highlighted links to download the individual forms, or download all files (including a soft copy of the Aspirant Checklist) here. All forms should be emailed to Sandy Rambach at

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be considered for ordination to the deaconate at Synod on any given year, all requirements on the Ministry Formation Checklist must be completed and received by the Diocesan House 45 days prior to that Synod.

• Ember Day Letters
• Identify Competency Mentor & Local Church*
• Diaconal Core Competencies Internship
• Local Parish Discernment Process
• Conversation with the Dean (of Deacons or Presbyters)
• Identify Spiritual Director
• Background Check
• Psychological Assessment
• Marriage Assessment
          Marriage License
          Decree of Divorce (if applicable)
          New Marriage License (if applicable)
          Petition for Consideration (if applicable)
• Read Anglican Church in North America Constitution & Canons – Sign & Affirm
• Review Oath of Conformity



Postulancy is a time of preparation.  Our assessments, orientations, and training are all geared toward making sure you are confident in your call and in your preparation before embarking on a life of ordained ministry.  Of course, there is much to learn after ordination as well. More information about Postulant formation may be found here.


A Candidate has completed the process of discernment, and continues in preparing for ordination to the transitional diaconate. More information regarding Candidate formation may be found here.

  • Ember Day Letters

  • Core Competency Day w/Dean (of Deacons or Presbyters)

  • Initial Deaconal Ministry Plan

  • Planning of Ordination Liturgy

  • Retreat w/Bishop

  • Identify Lay and Clergy Sponsors

  • Ordination Vestments