Christmas in the Woods at HopePointe

opePointe hosted its second annual Christmas in the Woods on the evening of December 11th.  Christmas in the Woods is HopePointe's Christmas outreach ministry event, based on the tradition of Advent Lessons and Carols, with "some" adjusting.  In order for Christmas in the Woods to be more accessible to those outside the Church, there is a mixture of Advent and Christmas lessons and carols, telling the story of the Messiah coming into the world, beginning with the Fall and concluding with the adoration of the shepherds. It was a glorious night, and we give thanks to God for His goodness in it all!  

The music was the combined efforts of the Woodlands Boys Choir and the HopePointe Choir, with percussion, violin, cello, and trumpet.  It was a joy to see some of our St. Timothy's brothers and sisters sharing in this ministry, a wonderful picture of diocesan collaboration and shared mission.  Tableaus depicting scenes of The Fall, The Prophet Isaiah, The Annunciation, The Nativity, and the Adoration of the Shepherds appeared throughout the evening.  A tableau is a depiction of a scene presented by silent and motionless costumed participants.  With a scrim and special lighting, tableaus appear to be paintings.

Following the music and tableaus, Bishop Clark powerfully shared the gospel message.  HopePointe had been praying in the weeks leading up to this event for all those who would be there who did not yet know Jesus, that they would encounter Him through the music, the lessons, the art, the tableaus, the message, the fellowship, or in whatever ways our Lord chose to reveal Himself.  In closing, as we all stood and sang "O Come All Ye Faithful," the Holy Spirit was tangibly present, the glory of the Lord filling the sanctuary.  His joy continued as we all congregated in the Atrium, drinking wassail, eating cookies, and basking in the good news that our Savior has indeed come into the world!