Meet the 2017 Diocesan Summer Interns

John Goodman


A native of Western Pennsylvania, John Goodman teaches high school English in the Rio Grande Valley.  His hobbies include writing, composing music at the piano, and crossing the US-Mexico border for a quick taco.

What do you hope to do with your diaconate pursuit? 


John: The Lord willing, I will continue to pursue the diaconate with the goal of having a teaching ministry, both on Sunday mornings and in my secular work.  As a high school English teacher in Texas, I may be permitted to teach Bible survey classes for English/Social Studies credit.  In the church, I also plan on using my academic and leadership gifts to help start an Anglican school and plant churches in the Rio Grande Valley.  Another part of me is keenly interested in Oriental Orthodoxy.  If God allows, I would love to play a role in bringing Anglican and Orthodox Christians closer together.

What do you hope to gain from your internship with Bishop Clark?

John: When I started discerning whether or not to come to Houston this summer, I was really unsure of my future in terms of seminary (if I should go, where I should go, etc.).  Now, I am leaving enrolled at Fuller Texas!  I've also widened my network in Anglican circles, which will be important moving forward in ministry.  For example, I connected with a priest who directs a classical school in Louisiana; that was certainly a God-ordained appointment given what I feel the Lord is calling me to help bring about in the Valley.

 What has stood out to you as surprising or unexpected in your time as an intern thus far?


John: I imagined the internship would be a good way to work through the ordination checklist, and certainly, that was part of it.  But more paramount, it was a time of healing and spiritual growth.  My homily on God's guidance was the first one I had given in over five years.  Through that opportunity, the Holy Spirit brought past struggles to the surface so I could work through them in a safe, spiritual environment.  I experienced healing I didn't even know I needed! 

 How can the Diocese pray for you?


John: Pray for my students, many of whom face struggles beyond that of the average American youth.  I have a deep burden for them, and when they do well, I do well.   Also, pray for God's grace and wisdom as I balance my teaching career, seminary studies, and personal life.