Family Life Retreat at HopePointe

From Fr. Bryan White (HopePointe, The Woodlands, TX)

In early January, many of us from HopePointe enjoyed our first Family Life Retreat. The aim of this weekend was to reflect broadly on God’s purposes both within our families, as well as for others through our families. Opening the Bible together, we considered the call on every family to raise its children in the love and knowledge of God. However, we recognized our churches have often neglected to communicate this and instead allowed parents to hand over this responsibility to clergy and youth leaders. Together we dreamed what it could look like for parents to reclaim this role and assume their place as the leaders in a child’s faith development. Discipleship can happen both inside families and through them, though, so we also examined God’s longing to serve others through mobilizing parents and children to serve Jesus together.

     Aside from the teaching, the retreat was an excellent opportunity to get away, with many members getting the chance to meet for the first time. Through games, a bonfire, hayride, and worship, we had plenty of chances to grow in our love of another, as well as the Lord Jesus. We have much to learn here regarding family ministry, but if you would like to hear more about what we’ve been learning, or share any ideas with us, please contact me at